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Moonclan:   Leader- Silverstar  (she-cat with silver-like pelt and blue eyes)

Deputy- thorntail  (jet black tom with green eyes)
Apprentice, Runningpaw

Medicine Cat- Maplepelt  (brown she-cat with amber eyes)
Apprentice, Goldpaw

WARRIORS:        (she-cats or toms without kits)
Eaglewing- (pale black and white tom with blue eyes)
Apprentice, Acornpaw
Yellowstripe- (white tom with dark brown patches)
Apprentice, Redpaw
Greypelt- (dark grey she-cat with brown eyes)
Apprentice, Tusslepaw
Ambertail- (blue-grey she-cat with dark blue eyes)
Apprentice, Leafpaw
Duskpelt- (white tom with green eyes)
Poppyseed- (light brown she-cat with amber eyes)
Apprentice, Amberpaw
Flowerpetal- (white she-cat with amber eyes)
Apprentice, Riverpaw
Browntail- (light brown she cat with dark brown tail)
Apprentice, Snowpaw
Goldhawk- (brown tom with green eyes)

APPRENTICES:        (More than 6 moons old, in training to
Become warriors)
(7 moons)   Riverpaw- (grey she-cat with brown eyes)
(6 moons)   Leafpaw- (pale brown she-cat with blue eyes)
(8 moons)   Amberpaw- (very light brown tabby tom with amber eyes)
(9 moons)   Redpaw- (brown tom with red tail and green eyes)
(6 moons)   Tusslepaw- (light grey tom with dark blue eyes)
(9 moons)   Goldpaw- (she-cat with gold-like pelt, brown eyes)
(8 moons)   Snowpaw- (pure white she-cat with huge blue eyes)
(7 moons)   Acornpaw- (caramel brown she-cat with amber eyes)

Lightningpelt- (short-haired yellow tabby tom with grey eyes)
Snowfur- (light grey she-cat with blue eyes)
Daisynose- ( light brown she-cat with amber eyes)

Flowerfern- (ginger she-cat) mother of Mosskit (light grey tom),
Sunkit (ginger she-cat), and Greykit (dark grey tom)
Lilypad- (blue-grey she-cat) mother of Bluekit (blue-grey she-cat),
Whitekit (white tom), and Cherrykit (red-orange she-cat)


WINGCLAN:   Leader- Skystar (pale ginger tom with green eyes)

Deputy- Clawfoot (long-haired jet black tom)

Medicine Cat- Petalstem (she-cat with pale pink pelt)
Apprentice, Birdpaw

WARRIORS:               (she-cats or toms without kits)
Whitefur- (pure white tom with grey stripes, blue eyes)
Apprentice, Talonpaw
Rocknose- (dark grey tom with amber eyes)
Apprentice, Nightpaw
Skycloud- (long-haired brown she-cat)
Apprentice, Flowerpaw
Firerock- (ginger tabby tom with green eyes)
Apprentice, Swallowpaw
Dewdrop- (pale grey she-cat with black stripes)
Apprentice, Flamepaw
Raindrop- (jet black she-cat with amber eyes)
Glitterlight- (long-haired grey she-cat)
Apprentice, Scorchpaw
Rookbeak- (brown tom with black patches and green eyes)
Apprentice, Tinderpaw

(7 moons)      Flamepaw- (dark ginger tabby tom with green eyes)
(6 moons)      Swallowpaw- (jet black tom with white paws)
(7 moons)      Nightpaw- (pale grey she-cat with blue eyes)
(8 moons)      Talonpaw- (light brown tom with green eyes)
(8 moons)      Birdpaw- (blue-grey she-cat with deep blue eyes)
(6 moons)      Flowerpaw- (orange-red she-cat with amber eyes)
(7 moons)      Scorchpaw- (ginger tom with a scratch on his left cheek)
(9 moons)      Tinderpaw- (light grey she-cat with brown eyes)

Windbranch- (pale grey tom, oldest cat in the clan)
Shadowpelt- (black she-cat with amber eyes)
Riverstream- (dark grey she-cat with blue eyes)
Tricklefur- (brown she-cat with black patches)

QUEENS:                (she-cats expecting or nursing kits)
Crystalpond- (white she-cat) mother of Blackkit (black tom)
and Rosekit (ginger she-cat with red tail)
Marigoldfur- (pure white she-cat with dark blue eyes)
Some fictional Clans that I made up.I did this so long ago, I can't remember, But I got tired of naming all the Clan cats and just left it there. I didn't really think this was good or intresting, but I thought what the heck? Can't let work go to waste, right?
*You can only understand this if you've read the Warriors series by Erin Hunter*
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